Monday, May 16, 2016

Where Is Spring?

As usual in this area, this year May has once again been a weather seesaw.  We have a couple of days of nice warm weather, then the cold comes back in and scares it away.  Today is the worst so far, though.  Instead of the mid-70 degree Fahrenheit it should be, the high was in the mid-50s, and a steady rain made it feel even chillier.

The wild fluctuations have made it hard to figure out what to wear.  Yesterday I changed my clothes multiple times--long sleeves in the morning, short sleeves after lunch, and back again to long sleeves at the end of the day. This morning I put on clothes to go to the gym, but it was so chilly I dug in the back of my closet for a fleece jacket. At the beginning of the month I washed the winter coats and put them away for the winter, and I was NOT going to get them out again!   Nor am I going to turn on the furnace.  When I came home from the gym I changed into jeans and added another layer on over my long-sleeved shirt.

Even the plants are being affected by the weather.  The pansies in the pot on the front porch are loving the chill,  but the house plants I'd moved to the deck aren't.  This morning I moved them all to a more sheltered location.   As I passed by the place I grow my tomatoes and peppers I decided I was glad I haven't had time to put in those warm-season vegetables yet.

At this time of the year sunset is a little after 8 p.m., but today when I was putting dinner together three hours before that it was already gloomy in the kitchen, and I had to turn on some lights in the room.   It was completely dark by 7:00.  The fall-like feel inspired me to make a batch of pumpkin muffins.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a carbon copy of today, then the rain should stop for a couple of days and it should start warming up.  According to the forecast it will be back to normal by this time next week.  We'll see.


  1. It is cool here too, in fact a bit of snow yesterday but it didn't last

  2. It's super warm here! But there's rain shower from time to time.

  3. That fact that we are having a real spring means that it must be crappy for other people. We usually jump right into summer sometimes as early as March but it's been "nice". Next week we will finally see temps in the 90s. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Spring isn't usually my favorite season because it's "short" and consumed with pollen. But the worst of the pollen left weeks ago.

  4. Send some rain to Dubai please . Nice finding your page

    1. Shilpa, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I certainly would send the rain your way if I could.