Thursday, May 21, 2015

Howdy! Welcome!

A friend of mine is on the planning committee for a convention this weekend.  Her schedule is jam-packed with last minute details, so she asked me to pick up one of the convention speakers at the airport today.

I have no idea what the woman looks like, so I'll be standing just outside the secure area holding up a sign with her name on it.  I see that all the time when I'm in airports, so it must work.

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  1. When we arrived in Kenya on vacation, our guide was holding a sign up with our names. So fun!! (and helpful!)

  2. Hello, greetings.

    Surely this will help. Sometimes announcements are also made on the loud speakers at the airport.

    Best wishes

  3. Yes, it works. I've been the person looking for the sign and the person holding up the sign, so I know it's appreciated all around.

  4. Good luck then. I've never tried that before. Must be an experience. :)