Sunday, May 24, 2015

'How To Make Mistakes And Miss The Voice Within'

This afternoon I was tidying up my Inbox, getting rid of some emails and moving others into folders.  Tucked way back on the third page I found a message that contained words of wisdom from Sacred Threshold: Crossing the Inner Barrier to a Deeper Love by the spiritual writer Paula D’Arcy.  The words were so inspiring I thought I'd share them with you:
Guaranteed Ways to Miss the Hidden God (or, How to Make Mistakes and Miss the Voice Within)
  1. LIVE your life at high speed. No exceptions. Run hard.
  2. STAY scattered and distracted. The more clutter and activity, the better.
  3. TAKE everything personally. Never evaluate. Agree.
  4. USE blame liberally. It's so invigorating. I wasn't responsible, you were. Everything's your fault.
  5. DON'T laugh, especially at yourself.
  6. STAY tied to your past. Elevate it to greatness. Live remembering and longing. Or missing. Why do it halfway? Go for it.
  7. USE the word 'because.' 'I can't change, because.' Because is so little appreciated as a solvent for responsibility. Try using because. This will work.
  8. NEVER question or think for yourself. Just keep moving and accepting. (Refer to #1 and #3.)
  9. CONTINUE to think of God as invisible and distant. Surely not present in this room. At this moment. Not while I'm reading a book.
  10. REINFORCE the belief that your life is going to happen soon. This is not it, not yet. But one day. Maybe when I finish reading.


  1. Very inspiring in a contrary way.

  2. Excellent advice. Unfortunately, I know too many people who live by this, but in the opposite way they are supposed to. They are definitely missing God.

    1. My life is so busy I have to try REALLY hard to stay in contact with God.

  3. I'd be hooped if I didn't subscribe to #5.

    1. Yes, I really like the way you can laugh at yourself :-)