Sunday, April 19, 2015

Time Marches On

Five years ago I was dismayed to hear the music that was popular when I was in high school on the oldies station.  It  took me a while, but I eventually gotten used to it. 

I don't listen to much commercial radio (preferring a volunteer-based community radio station that plays a wide variety of music), but "Oldies Radio" is one of the presets in my car.  When I tune it in (if there's not a commercial playing) I always know the song and can sing along.  Another time we're likely to turn on the station is on Sunday afternoon.  During the time Hubby Tony is cooking dinner, the community station has a two-hour show that features Eastern European tunes.  When the rhythm and melodies get too exotic for his tastes he'll flip it over, where it will stay until someone remembers to turn it back.

Tonight as I was listening to the familiar tunes of my teenage years I noticed a disturbing trend.  The station's modified their range. They've dropped a lot of the tunes from the early 70s and replaced them with tunes from the early 80s.  As a matter of fact, their tagline is now "the greatest hits of the 70s and 80s".  Prince fits in the category, as does Cyndi Lauper and  Culture Club.  Madonna makes an occasional appearance, and you're liable to hear at least one power ballad every hour.

I guess eventually 'my' music will fade away.  Since the station plays only the biggest hits I wonder if I'll still be familiar with their songs 20 years from now?


  1. Interesting observation Kathy...those eighties oldies don't seem that old to me, depressing.

  2. My sixties music is becoming an archiveable dinosaur.