Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Most of the business evaluation work I do is for general or female-centered business. Tonight, though, I asked Hubby Tony to come with me and be the focus in a store that catered to males.

On the drive to the store I mentioned some of the things we'd be looking for in the visit. We walked in together, but after the associate greeted both of us she directed most of her attention towards Tony. It was fun to stand off to the side and listen as she told him about all the merchandise in the store.

When she was done we purchased one of the items she'd recommended, then left and compared notes.


  1. How long have you been doing this job? Sounds like you enjoy it.

    1. I started dabbling last summer, and began taking it more seriously in the fall.

    2. Is it a secret shopper job? Not sure if it's the same thing but we have those here and I talked one girl once who LOVED it.

    3. Maybe....maybe not. It's a mystery :-)

    4. The girl I chatted with had to do all that same stuff, look for certain things and ask. She loved it. I thought about it myself for a bit.

      Back when I used to work retail we would sometimes get tipped that a SS was coming in. And most times, we could tell who they were since we were a shop based mostly on regulars.

  2. Sounds like Tony might have enjoyed it.