Thursday, April 3, 2014

Elderly Exercise

As a mall Customer Service desk worker I get to see all types of physical activities going on every day.  The most common are the walkers (some who stroll and some who power walk).  A second type are the groups of mothers that exercise with their babies in the mall.   The young women aren't the only ones doing organized movement, though.  There's another, more sedate group of senior citizens that also gather to get in shape.

Unlike the mommies the elder group stays in one place, setting up shop by a seating area in one of the far edges of the mall.  I only see them if I get a chance to walk around the mall before I open the desk.  In addition to an instructor, there's usually between eight and ten men and women. Most look like they're somewhere between 68 and 80 years old.

The young mothers have been reported to be rough on the mall seating, but the golden-agers are very respectful of it. I've seen them holding on to the backs of the chairs as they do leg lifts and toe stands.  One day they were striking a yoga 'tree' pose, several of them leaning against the seat for balance.  Today I heard the leader telling them to sit on the edge of their chair for tricep dips.

I've never heard any complaints about this group, and based on what I've seen I don't think I will.

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