Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A True Survivor

There are several patches of common orange daylilies (AKA ditch lilies) in my yard. I like them because they're effortless.  It doesn't matter how much or little rain and sun they get, they pretty much grow themselves and the critters don't eat them.

However, sometimes they're too hardy.  Last week I noticed several sprouts coming up in an area under the deck.  This area is covered with a heavy plastic barrier and rock, but the sprouts found a way to get through.   I poured salt on the baby lilies, and most of them succumbed.  One of them, though, laughed at the harsh treatment and continued to grow:

I dumped some more salt on it today. Wonder if it will work this time?

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  1. I also have day lillies, love them as they take care of themselves!

  2. We transplanted some ditch lilies in the fall. The wheelbarrow loads of extra are now ravine lilies. We know where they are if we need a couple to fill in.

    1. I bet you'll have a colorful ravine this year!

  3. Hopefully it will go away this time.