Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Low Tech Remedy

This morning after breakfast I noticed the window seat in the kitchen had quite an accumulation of dust and cat hair.  I grabbed a rag and started dusting. When I was done I looked at the rag, which was yellow, and realized it's oak pollen season.  I moved around the house, dusting the family, living, and dining rooms with the same results.  No WONDER I've had sinus headaches the past few days!

After I threw the pollen-laden rags in the laundry, I left for a chiropractor appointment. When the chiropractor came into the room he asked if I had any issues, and I told him about my headaches. In addition to the normal adjustment (which is computerized), he had me lay face up on an examination table and used a motorized massager on pressure points on the top of my head, between my eyebrows, and on the right and left sides of my neck. When he was done my nose was running and my sinuses already felt better.

As I gathered my things to leave he opened a drawer and took out an empty bottle of water. He told me a low-tech way to relieve headache pain was to fill the bottle with hot water and hold it at the back of my neck.  When I got home I tried it, and it did seem to help.

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  1. My daughter would suffer from all that pollen. Intersting treatment. Sort of like a hot water bottle?

    1. Exactly! Except easier to find and less prone to leakage

  2. The darn stuff falls every year; why does it always catch us unawares? I do admire the yellow sheen on parked vehicles.