Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clean And Shiny

A couple of weeks ago I took our dining room rug in to be cleaned. While it was gone, I decided it would be a good time to paint the room's scuffed and shabby-looking walls.

Here's the room ready to paint, with the old paint color

And with new paint, all shiny and clean.

The new color in the dining room coordinates with the khaki of the kitchen. Above the chair rail I used a warm green that was part of a paint-company-designed palette. For the rail, the bottom half of the wall, and the crown molding I applied white semigloss.

This turned out to be a big project that I had to squeeze into little chunks of free time. Every surface needed two coats of paint. It took two days to complete the green section and another two days for the white. I finished the room last weekend, then picked up and laid the cleaned rug on Tuesday. With all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, I didn't get around to putting the last things back into place until today.

I'm glad the job is done. And, as a nice side bonus, since I had to take all the glasses out of the china cabinet before I moved it, I dusted and washed the contents before I replaced them. Now I don't have to add that to my list of chores to do before Christmas!


  1. It looks lovely! Our family room and laundry room need fresh paint. Maybe after this week...

  2. Wow, I love what you did with this room! I like the wainscoting, I think that's what it's called isn't it? I'd love to have that in my home as well, now I'm getting ideas... oh great! LOL They can just be put on hold for another year, no time this year.

    That's fantastic you won't have as much cleaning to do in preparation for Christmas, there's always a lot to do but once it's all done it sure feels good!

  3. You are absolutely amazing! That was a TON of work. I've got some doors to paint and haven't done it in 2 years. You are motivating me. Everything looks totally gorgeous! You do very professional work.

  4. You are so good at what you choose to do! your DR looks spectacular. I let Mike do all the painting jobs. He does it in less time and without the third coat! (the third coat is usually on me!) Good Work! Can't wait to see what you choose to tackle next!