Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boo, Gobble Gobble, Ho, Ho, Ho!


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We've entered the non-stop holiday time of the year. It just seems like I was handing out candy to Trick or Treaters, but Thanksgiving is next week, and then it's a mad rush to Christmas and the new year.

Even though I'm not ready for all the frenzy, the mall where I work is all decked out for Christmas. It took them almost two weeks to set out large decorations, fill the planters with seasonal greenery, and erect a huge tree in the atrium area. Santa arrived over the weekend and settled into his set next to the tree. The majority of the stores have festive window displays, although there's still a few that are waiting. (I applaud them.)

The next couple of days should be normal at the Customer Service counter. After Thanksgiving, though, that will all change. The mall will be open longer hours, and there will be more shoppers. One of the things our desk does, in addition to answering questions, is sell mall gift cards, and I suspect there will be a lot purchased.

I have a week to get ready.


  1. Big Lots had Christmas music playing the first week of October! I didn't like it. ha.

    Yes, you will be very busy at your job after Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm outta breath just reading this! lol

  3. Oh dear.... I'm barely ready for Thanksgiving. Yiiikes!

  4. Cute cartoon that says it all! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas rush!