Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat... Smell My Feet...

Another Halloween has come and gone.

Yesterday I went to Costco and bought chewy granola bars to hand out, and thought I was done buying for Halloween. After dinner the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there were two teenage boys standing there. They told me they were from the drama department of the local high school, and for Halloween the group was collecting items for the local food pantry. One of them handed me a flyer with a list of the items they were asking for. On the way home from work today, I stopped by the store and bought enough things to fill a bag.

For the last two years Tony's been gone on business on October 31st. This year, I told him he was in charge of the door. However, he had a meeting that started at 7:00, so he left the house shortly before that. During his shift, there were only two five trick-or-treaters! I got to do the rest, which turned out to be about fifty children. Our neighborhood is definitely getting older.

I always ask for a "trick" before I hand over a "treat", and usually get a joke. This year's best:
  • What do vampires eat? NECKtarines
  • What do you call a blood sucker on the moon? A luna-tick
  • What is a ten letter word that starts with gas? Automobile
  • Why couldn't the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn't have the guts.

One girl had a quite philosophical questions for a trick...If a turtle loses it's shell, is it naked or is it homeless?


  1. Wow! You really have kids that think on their feet in your area. Those are great jokes!

    So far, we've only had about 15 children come to the door. We're going to have waaay too much left over candy!

  2. Our neighborhood is getting older, too! We used to have over 100 kids. We probably had about 50, too! I don't think any actually live in our neighborhood, either! ha.

  3. Our neighborhood is OLD!....we had one grandchild and that was it.....;-(

  4. we had about 15 kids...guess all the kids are growing up.

  5. We always have hundreds of trick or treaters and we stop at 8 pm. If we keep handing out treats after that time, the kids are older and bused in from other parts of the city. Our little local guys are done by 8 pm. anyway. We always run out of candy. At ten to eight the candy was gone and we started giving apples.