Friday, October 7, 2011

Mobility Tour

The mall I work at has a supply of wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters available for customer use. Usually people come to the Customer Service desk to pick them up and drop them off, but if someone is unable to walk that far they'll ask for special assistance. If there's more than one person at the desk we're happy to do it; otherwise one of the Security officers takes care of it.

The other day I got a call from a woman who was finished with her scooter. Would someone come and pick it up? I volunteered to take care of it. The lady and her companion were waiting right where they said they'd be, close to one of the entrances on the far side of the mall. After helping her get through the exit door, I sat on the scooter and prepared to ride it back.

The speed dial on our scooters are permanently set to the lowest setting, which is the equivalent of a slow stroll. Perfect for mall browsing, but not so great for getting somewhere quickly. I decided to make the most of it, though, and moved past the stores at a sedate speed, noticing all the new merchandise in the display windows, and making mental notes of things I wanted to go back and check out. Even though I was just crawling along, I almost ran into people a couple of times with my rubbernecking!

You drive the scooter by pushing one of two levers with your thumb. The one on the right controls the forward motion, and reverse is on the left. After the first hundred yards, my thumb was starting to get tired, but I forged ahead. I refrained from honking the tinny-sounding horn, because I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself. I finally made the last turn into the Customer Service area without any incidents. I pulled the scooter into the storage area and plugged it in so it would be ready for the next user...which I hoped wouldn't be me!


  1. Kathy I can just imagine...I had to laugh when I read this, I think because I would have done the same. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm mechanically challenged but this sounds do-able as you've explained it so nicely!

  3. I love those things! I use them all the time at WalMart and the grocery - seriously saves my knees. I think it's great when stores offer them for people who would normally just get what they need immediately instead of browsing!

  4. i have to admit that i'd love to ride one of those someday. i would use that horn until i got a dirty look, which probably wouldn't take long at all:)

  5. I have arthritis in my thumbs! I could never make that thing go for very long. I guess I better pray for my legs to hold out, huh! lol...

    Glad you didn't run over anyone!