Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank Goodness For Workers!

Today is Labor Day. For the first time in many years I had to work (from 2:00 until the mall closed at 9) on what’s a holiday for most people. However, before I left for my shift Tony and I had a great time; the weather was so nice that we walked to the grocery store, where we bought a card for a friend who's under the weather and some ingredients for lunch. When we got home, we made our meal and ate it on the deck.

Having to work on a day set aside to celebrate the contributions of workers made me think about folks who were actually laboring today. I decided to make a list of all the people that were on the job today that I was thankful for:
  • First are the GROCERY STORE employees that showed up for their shifts so we could buy the ingredients for our lunch; the people that stocked the shelves and deli areas, the bakers that got there early to make fresh bread, and the cashier that checked us out with a smile.
  • When I got in my car to go to work and noticed that my tank was almost empty, it was good to know that the GAS STATION ATTENDANTS were on the job so I’d be able to fill it up and not run out of gas.
  • I really appreciate the PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS at the mall, who spend a lot of time doing a thankless job. Whenever I have a problem, they always send someone to the Customer Service desk to help me out.
  • The mall’s HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT, which ensures that the restroom I used was neat and supplied with toilet paper and paper towels. They also keep the mall public areas clean, and empty the trashcans on a regular basis.
  • When I took my break midway through my shift, I was glad the RESTAURANT WORKERS were there.
  • And last, but not least, there’s the man from the HORTICULTURAL COMPANY who keeps the mall greenery looking good. He wheels his giant cask of water from plant to plant, watering them and trimming away any bad-looking foliage.


  1. This was nice! It's always good to be thankful! :)

  2. Happy Labour Day, we do take a lot for granted.

  3. I was just thinking about how grateful I am for indoor plumbing and a working toilet. We certainly take a lot for granted.

  4. We do take so many people for granted who are on the job during "holidays" and while others play. The Hospital personnel, the firemen, the policemen, the people who work in retail, the people who work in mass transit and around here, the workers at the nuclear plant. The truckers who are taking the wares to the stores so that we have what we need to work after the holiday. There are so many people I am sure I couldn't even begin to get everyone who makes this country great and a great place to live! I salute you!

  5. There are so many people who work on holidays that I never seem to think of, if I called 911 I wouldn't be told it's a holiday... and the list goes on. Have you heard that song by Alabama, 40 Hour Week ? This is what came to mind when I read your post, hats off to you for taking the time to appreciate those who work even on holidays.