Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye Bye Bye

I think I may have mentioned that Son Tony has been in town since last weekend? (Yes, I know, EVERY TIME I'VE POSTED! You’re probably getting tired of reading about it.) Sorry about that. It's just been so good to have him here.

I started out last week attempting to maintain my everyday schedule and still spend time with him, but at some point I gave up and spent the rest of the week in a frenzy of activity: eating too much, not getting enough sleep, and generally having a wonderful time. I decided to look on it as a mini-vacation. The entire family was here again for the weekend so we could attend the Cardinals baseball game on Sunday. For the first time in months every bedroom was filled, and the coffee pot was working overtime.

Today I took Tony to the airport before I went to work so he could catch his plane back to Phoenix. Before he left, we had one last lunch together--St. Louis style pizza at Imos. Tomorrow I'll start chipping away at the backlog of projects, paperwork, and cleaning that have accumulated. Vacation is over!


  1. I am in the same position as you only have been at it a few days more. I love having my kids visit but I always blow the diet and everything else while they're in town.

  2. It's good to have a break! And the work just patiently waits for you until you return. It's nice like that. lol...

  3. That's awesome to have had your son visit for as long as he was at your place, the sad part is always seeing them go. The heck with the work, it waits and what's the fun of having the kids over if we can't eat?