Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Today's horoscope said, "You might want to do something very different." was I going to fit something unconventional into a very busy day? My To Do list included inside work (doing dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor, dusting, and picking up wads of cat hair from the wood floor in the dining room and foyer) and yard work. At first glance, there was no time for "different". However, I've discovered that adventure is where you make it, so before I jumped into the chores I decided to dress up to do my housework.

When I clean, I usually wear my oldest jeans and a shirt that's already past its prime. That way I don't have to feel bad when they get dirty. Today I pulled on an elastic-waist skirt and a short sleeved button-down shirt that wouldn't be out of place at a nice restaurant. Instead of taking off the earrings I'd been wearing for the morning's activities, I left them on and added a necklace. A pair of casual flat shoes completed my look.

With the inside chores done, it was time to tackle the outside. I changed into a pair of tennis shoes and got ready to start. There are cannas planted in two spots in the backyard and three spots in the front yard; they aren't hardy here, so the rhizomes need to get dug up and come inside until next spring. Unfortunately, the clothes that worked so well inside left something to be desired outside. The skirt kept tangling between my legs as I was digging up the canna clumps, so I went inside and put on a pair of jeans. I did keep on all the other pieces, though.

As I was sitting on the ground by the driveway removing the excess dirt from a clump of cannas the neighbor across the street came out to get her mail. She said 'hello' and gave me a funny look before she went back inside.

I wonder if she was jealous of my "look"?


  1. Bet you made your neighbor think she was in a time warp and she was watching Leave It To Beaver. I remember that my mom used to "dress" every day and on the days that she did the heavy cleaning she would tie a bandana around her hair-do to keep it from catching the dust and such.

  2. Good for you!
    what a great idea, I hope that I remember to try that neighbors will faint..smiles.

  3. I am too messy when I clean - I would ruin my nice clothes! Bleach everywhere...