Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Name Game

A friend sent me this. I had fun coming up with the different answers. It's harder than it looks! Every word has to be real; nothing can be made up.

If you try it, let me know how you do.
  • What is the first letter of your last name-----G.
  • 4 Letter Word-----give
  • A Boy's Name-----George
  • A Girl's name-----Gail
  • An Occupation-----garbage collector
  • A Color-----green
  • Something you wear-----glasses
  • A Beverage-----Gatorade
  • A Food-----guacamole
  • Something found in the bathroom-----guest towel
  • A place-----Georgia
  • A Reason for being late-----got lost
  • Something you shout-----Go!


  1. Challenging mission with a last name starting with 'I'.

  2. Not even going to try with the letter Z

  3. K is a pretty crappy letter...I'm just discovering this now...

  4. Here's a secret for you--if you Google "(category of your choice) starting with the letter ___" it will make it a lot easier!

  5. I wasn't sure that would work...I have to do this now, for no reason other than I would like a K thing to randomly shout.