Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have really thick hair, and I don't spend a lot of time or energy on it. I wash it in the shower, let it dry naturally, then pull the crown section back and secure it with a barrette. This works well during the warm weather, but now that it's getting cooler it's a bit of a problem.

I used to have quite a bit of time between my shower and leaving for work. Enough time for my hair to dry. However, now I have less time; some days I go straight from the gym to work. Because my hair is so thick, the section I secure with the barrette will often still be wet when I go to bed at night!

Today I stopped by the library to check my e-mail in between the gym and work, and decided to use the bathroom on my way out of the building. As part of their "green" initiative, they've gotten rid of paper towels and installed an energy efficient hand dryer. It's so powerful that it dries your hands in 10 to 15 seconds, and makes the skin on your hands ripple and move around in a weird way.

I've been in this bathroom multiple times, but today, for the first time, I thought about alternate uses for this powerful hand dryer. No one else was in the room, so I decided to use it to blow my hair dry.

It was quite difficult; the nozzle doesn't rotate to blow air up. I had to bend over at the waist, stick my head under the dryer, and get close enough to trigger the automatic motion detector. I ended up getting the underside of my hair more than the top. It did NOT get dry, but in 20 seconds the dampness was substantially gone. An added benefit--when I stood up, my hair was fluffy and tousled like a Cosmo cover girl.

Just the look I was going for as a preschool assistant teacher!


  1. LOL! I had to do this all the time when I used to work out at the YMCA. Their dryers were terrible and the hand dryers worked faster!

  2. Aren't you glad no one came in while you were doing this?

  3. I can just picture you drying your hair like that. It made me think of Mr. Bean in the movie when he was trying to dry the front of his pants.

  4. Ooooo.....please go back, and spend some more time, would love to see the end result of an extended effort, I think you may have something there...I need a new hair dryer, and this sounds like a "eco-friendly" approach...smiles.

  5. I've done this more times than I care to admit! Leaving the house with wet hair is not an option for me.

  6. It might have been hard to explain if someone had come in! LOL! But hey, whatever works when it comes to looking like a Cosmo girl.