Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hall Bathroom Redo

 A little less than two years ago Hubby Tony and I had our master bathroom redone.  I knew then that the next room to get a re-do would be the upstairs hall bathroom, which they boys used when they were home.  Years ago the acrylic bathtub with attached shower surround got chipped; I fixed it with a repair kit from the hardware store, but eventually the patch turned an unattractive dirty grey.  The builder grade vanity was past its prime, and the integral sink in the cultured marble vanity top was cracked.  It wasn't until the toilet started leaking, though, that the job made it to the top of the project list.

Several months ago a Facebook friend posted photos of her completed bathroom renovation, and I got the contractor's name from her.  We got several estimates, but I was really rooting for the company my friend had used.  I was happy when he gave us the best deal, and a couple of days later we signed a contract.   Originally the job was scheduled for September, but two weeks ago I got an email asking if he could move it up.

Tony and I had to scramble around to find all the materials, and I was still selecting faucets, light fixtures, and towel bars just before the work started last Tuesday.  In the next four days the room was disassembled. The electrical outlet and shower plumbing was brought up to code.  A bathtub was installed, then drywall hung and taped.

The carpenter's plan was to finish up the mudding and sanding last Friday.  However,  it was so humid that things weren't drying quickly enough, and he called it a day a couple of hours early.  The last of the job would have to wait.  And then it was my turn to do a part. (To be continued)...

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