Saturday, October 1, 2011

Deals On Demand

Another weekend, another family visit.

Son Brian and Daughter-In-Law Nicole came in town late last night. This afternoon we watched the Cardinals game (sadly, after a great start they lost big time to the Phillies). After the game we were hungry, and started thinking about where we'd like to go out to eat.

I've been using Groupon for several months to get discounts at local businesses, but tonight I didn't have any for restaurants. However, the Website offers another option I've never used before, called Groupon Now!

Groupon Now! allows you to buy deals that are good for limited hours today and the next two days. They guarantee that if you can't use the deal within the stated time they'll refund your money.

The deals are divided by type. You can choose to:
  • Eat Something
  • Get Pampered
  • Get a Treat
  • Go Shopping
  • Have Fun
  • Exercise
  • Take Care of My Ride
  • Visit a Museum

Within each category, the deals are listed by when you can use them and how far away each place was. I used the Groupon app on my phone, which uses its GPS to figure out my location, and was pleasantly surprised to find that a Chinese restaurant just a couple of miles from the house was listed. A couple of clicks later I'd purchased the deal. Everyone got their shoes and jackets, and we were on our way.


  1. How neat is that! I love how your children always come to visit!

  2. How was the restaurant? Do these places nicely honor these groupon deals? I've been very leery of doing anything like this because I remember the hassle of using the old Entertainment books. The restaurant would change hands and not want to honor it, or they would just look at you like you were crazy to be presenting this and that it was a bother to them. At least back then you were only out the money for the book, not the whole deal.