Saturday, March 16, 2019

No Fish Here!

During the Lenten season Fish Fries are very popular in our area. However, there is only one Unfish Fry, a vegetarian dinner sponsored by the First Unitarian Church. Hubby Tony and I first heard about the event last year, but unfortunately the newspaper had printed the wrong date and we missed it. A couple of weeks ago  Son Donald happened to mention this year's version, and Tony and I made sure we put it on our calendar.

Last night after Tony got home from work we drove to the church, which is in the Central West End section of the city. When we saw this sign we knew we were at the right place:

Even though the doors had just opened there was a steady stream of people walking into the building. We joined them. The ordering system was quite efficient. At the payment station right inside the door we each received a paper listing all of the choices, then chose two entrees and two sides:

When we entered the cafeteria there wasn't much of a line, so after making our choices we walked right up to the serving line and handed them our papers. (We were lucky. By the time we left the line stretched halfway down the length of the room). We received our food quickly, then walked over to the condiment table and chose from the fresh-looking selection. Water, lemonade, and iced tea were included with the meal. Adult beverages and desserts were available for an extra cost.

My meal-Chili with toppings, dolmades, salad, and green beans
Tony and I both ordered chili and salad, but his meal included falafel and hummus. We shared our bounty with each other, then splurged on dessert. I chose vegan chocolate cookies and Tony grabbed an apple-cranberry crumble. Everything was freshly prepared and quite tasty.

I already can't wait for the 2020 Unfish Fry.

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  1. I read this before breakfast, before I had on my glasses. Now I can see, it looks yummy, too. Quite a variety to select among!

    1. HA! Your eyes must be better than mine; without my glasses everything just looks like a blob.