Friday, July 14, 2017

I Remember You! Do You Remember Me?

My high school years were a very long time ago.  How long?  Last weekend I attended my 40th high school reunion.  It was an interesting experience.

Our class has had reunions every ten years. I went to the first two, but skipped the 30th.This one has been in the works for a while.  A year ago the planning committee created a Facebook page and website to share reunion information.  Eventually I found out the activities would stretch out over two days...a mixer on Friday, a group photo and tour of the school Saturday morning, and the main event Saturday night. In late June I sent in my registration (Hubby Tony didn't go).  Then I waited.

The week before the event the committee published a list of attendees. There were about 800 students in the graduating class, and approximately 100 of them planned on being there. There were just a few people I knew well, and large handful that I would consider acquaintances.  The rest of the names meant nothing to me, and I started second guessing my decision to go.  But then I decided this would be a good time to practice stepping out of my comfort zone.  I looked in my closet, planned my outfits, and got mentally ready.

On Friday night I walked into the very crowded event room of a local bar and saw a bunch of faces I didn't know.  Then some of them started looking familiar.  When I looked at people's name tags some of the names started to ring a bell.  I chatted with classmates I hadn't seen in decades.  Several people were nice enough to tell me I looked the same as I did forty years ago.

The group photo and school tours on Saturday were interesting, and helped me to talk with even more people.  By the time I entered the restaurant banquet room where the reunion was being held Saturday night I felt pretty comfortable. There was no way I could get around to everyone, but I was proud of the fact that I didn't spend the whole night just talking to people I knew. I even had conversations with people I had never crossed paths with in high school.  There was little discussion of jobs or accomplishments.  Instead, we chatted about if we still lived in the area (and if so, where) and if we had kids or grand kids.

At the end of the night the head of the organizing committee announced that from now on there are going to be yearly informal get togethers.  I think if my schedule permits I will attend.

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  1. Glad you had a good time, I don't know how comfortable I'd be at reunions like that.