Tuesday, February 7, 2017


For the past week I've been working on a project which involves comparing and contrasting five local business organizations.  Each portion of the project involves a visit to a specific location, where I get to see what they do and hear what they offer.  That takes about an hour.  Then, when I get home I organize my notes (which takes approximately another hour) and fill out a report (which takes another 30-45 minutes). 

It's been a interesting but challenging activity that hasn't left me with a whole lot of extra time to do things like blogging or random internet surfing.  Today was the last of the visits, and I was looking forward to some serious sitting around and doing nothing.  However, right after I arrived back home I heard from the project organizer telling me that there was a second assignment available to do if I was interested.

After a bit of thought I decided to accept the second project.  The person is offering a fair rate of pay for the work involved and my bank account could always use some padding.  My lazing around will have to wait.


  1. Go make that dough, Kathy. Having to accept secondary jobs has kept me from a night or two of blogging. I want to make up for it tonight!

  2. Sounds like busy but fun for you too. Excellent job.

  3. Being productive does feel good, right?