Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting The Hang Of It

I've been attending meetings of a fellowship for several years.  Three years ago I started being active at the state level, representing my local group.   Last month when they elected new officers and people to run the various committees I volunteered to help with the organization's website. 

There are actually two of us splitting the task.  My job will be to keep a database updated. The other woman will work with the webpage software.  Today we met with the retiring website coordinator to learn our jobs.  He's had the task a couple of times over the years (developing both the website and the database), and as we got started he said he was ready to relinquish it! 

I'd already installed the software I'll need on my laptop, so it was easy to follow along as we talked about the things I'll need to do each month.  I took notes and thought I understood everything, but when I got home and started playing around with the software I found out I had quite a few questions.  Fortunately my job doesn't officially start until the first of the year, so I have time to figure everything out.

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  1. Good luck! That happens to me all the time, especially with anything technology related. I think I have it down then when I actually try to fly solo it never looks the same as when I was in training!

    1. It always looks so easy when someone else is doing it :-)

  2. Good for you taking on a new challenge. I'm sure you will be very good at it once you get started doing the actual work.

  3. It always takes me time to learn a new computer thing. If I don't do it all the time I'm more apt to forget it too. I know you'll get the hang of it in no time.