Sunday, July 7, 2013


Last fall I brought home a bromeliad plant from the mall.  I knew it would eventually die, but before it did it would send up the beginnings of new plants ("pups") which I could repot.

The mother plant lasted longer than I thought it would, though, and three new shoots appeared at the base.  Although the leaves got quite floppy they stayed green until a couple of weeks ago.  I finally cut them off, and waited for a day when I had time to deal with the rest of the project.

I took the pot outside and did my work in the grass so I wouldn't have to clean up any mess.  Here's a 'before' picture:

You can see two of the three new shoots

 First I turned the pot upside down and dumped the plant out. The shoots were pretty small, but I went ahead with my project anyway.  I used a steak knife to cut the pups away from the dead mother plant, leaving a bit of a stem on the new pup.

pups repotted and fertilized
I put all three pups in the same pot. (If they all end up living I'll deal with the crowding later.) The last step was to give the pot a good soaking of fertilizer before I brought it back in and set it on the window seat in the kitchen where it will get the morning sun.

It would be awesome if I got new plants from this, but I don't have high hopes.   As I said in my original post, "The plant will either thrive, or it can go in the compost pile"

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  1. I have a plant that really needs to be repotted.

    Good luck, I hope your pups grow!

  2. I wish you well with your new plant, I hope it grows for you Kathy after all that work and energy you've invested into trying to keep it going!

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. oh I hope you do and then I am looking forward to the photos of the blooms!

  4. Is that a four leaf clover you set the pot on? Of course it will survive and thrive.

  5. Oh my gracious! That is just the coolest thing! How wonderful to have those little pups to watch grow.