Sunday, April 28, 2013

Voluminous Vegetables

Hubby Tony and I attended a potluck luncheon today.  After giving my contribution a lot of though, I decided to bring vegetables and dip.

Yesterday I went to the produce market and left with a bag of baby carrots, packages of cherry tomatoes and broccoli, a cucumber, a large red pepper, and a few handfuls of fresh green beans. When I got home I blanched the green beans and broccoli, then seeded the pepper and sliced it into sticks and cut the cucumber on the diagonal.  Everything went into the refrigerator until today.

When I went to arrange the vegetables I realized I didn't have anything large enough to hold the amount I bought.  The best I could do was an aluminum pan. I knew this would be a pretty informal event, though, so I wasn't too concerned. After I set a plastic deli container in the center of the pan to hold ranch dressing I arranged the vegetables around it.

I think it turned out nice, don't you?

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  1. It looks amazing. Great idea to blanch the broccoli, I usually see it just raw in the trays.

    1. I ALWAYS blanch broccoli. It doesn't take that long, and I think it makes it look and taste so much better

  2. Looks like a good assortment for your guests. Bet they sure enjoyed this.

  3. This is exactly how we do our potluck dishes in Hawaii and it looks fabulous, Kathy!