Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Age Has Its Privileges

I read recently that because of the new financial reform bill, banks may end free checking accounts. It didn't take long.  Yesterday when I opened the statement for one of my checking accounts, they included a message that starting in August, the account would have a monthly maintenance fee.

This checking account used to be for my business. Even though I closed the business more than a year ago, I kept the account open. I have my paychecks deposited there, and I use the money for unexpected events.  I didn't really want to close it, but what were my choices?  According to the bank Website, I could avoid the monthly fee by keeping a (quite large) minimum amount in it, or I could also take advantage of my age and open a "50+ year old" account. 

What?  Me a senior?

Shortly before Tony's 50th birthday a couple of years ago, he received an invitation to join AARP; now he's a proud card carrying member. Since the membership covers both halves of a couple, I didn't have the privilege of getting an invitation, and my membership card is in his name. I read the publications that come to the house. (a bi-monthly glossy magazine that usually has a "mature" celebrity on the cover, and a monthly news bulletin) but I've never personally taken advantage of any of the membership discounts I'm entitled to..

However, I can play the age card when it suits me, so after work I drove to the bank to open my new free checking account.  The process took two minutes. It involved finding my account on the bank's computer and changing the account type on a drop down list. They printed a change form for me, and I was done. I get to keep the same account number, so I don't have to fill out a new automatic deposit form at work, and I don't have to order new checks.

I may have to start investigating other discounts!


  1. Wow! I will have to see if my bank offers discounts for the "elderly".

    How nice to know there are perks for growing up. :-)

  2. I am more than happy to be offered discounts for seniors. I figure I earned it by being a productive member of society. Of course some days I feel a lot more senior than others .....