Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Two O'Clock Somewhere

Tony spent most of today working downstairs in his office. I felt sorry for him mid-afternoon because he was working so hard, and suggested a walk. He jumped at the chance, so we put on our shoes and went to Sonic Drive-In for Happy Hour.

There's a Sonic a half-mile from the house, so it wasn't a very long walk. It's the closest place to get fast food or a soft-serve dessert, but I've never been there for Happy Hour. Between 2:00 and 4:00 you can get soft drinks, slushes, limeades and iced tea for half price.

After perusing the menu, I ordered a large watermelon slush. It was only 90 cents, and I was all about getting the most for my money. My eyes (and budget) were bigger than my stomach, though. The large size was VERY big! I started out drinking it too fast and got a brain freeze.

We sat at a table for about a half hour, then decided to finish our drinks on the road, so I put the lids back on my cup and we started walking home. Unlike a normal happy hour, the only mind-altering chemical I had to worry about was sugar; I had a major rush!


  1. I've never been to Sonic but their Happy Hour commercials make me thirsty. I think it's the slurping noises!

  2. When I lived in TN, there was a Sonic on every corner - not really, but it seemed like it:) I love the drive-in concept of it. Sadly, there are no Sonic drive-ins in South Florida. But...

    My youngest daughter is home for spring break and we stocked up on ice cream and sorbet. While scarfing down the espresso chip ice cream while watching Office Space - I had that familiar brain freeze. It had been a long time since the last brain freeze - and it was kind of funky and fun...

  3. I am so jealous. There are no Sonics here in MN and I have always wanted to go to one!

  4. I've never been to a Sonic. I remember being so freaked out @ all the different chains in America. I thought you had the same ones as we did...as my family is unadventurous we only went for McDo.

    The weather must be nice where you are [for extended walking/sitting outside and drinking cold beverages]. I saw a report on St. Louis on CNN the other day and thought of you.

  5. The Sonic by us was built about seven or eight years ago; before that they were only in the far corners of the metropolitan area.

    Susanisk, although Sonic does a lot of advertising, I've never seen a Happy Hour commercial

    Kathy, espresso chip ice cream...mmmmmmm. If I had that in the house, I wouldn't be visiting Sonic :-)

    Sydney, yesterday the high temperature was 80 degrees (was above average). Today the high was 42. Go figure!

  6. I had no idea about the "Happy Hour" at Sonic, this will be a new project, to sample it all!!
    thank you for the info.