Saturday, May 19, 2018

Any (Facebook) Friend Of Yours Is A Friend Of Mine

Ever since my high school class celebrated the fortieth reunion of our graduation last summer I've gotten quite a few Facebook friend invitations from fellow classmates. Some of them I knew well back in the day, some I knew slightly, and some I barely knew at all. (I my defense my class was huge. There were approximately 800 graduates that year.)

Whenever I get a Facebook friend invitation from a name I don't know I check out the person before I accept by going to their page to see if we have any friends in common. If we do I accept the request. Usually if it's a long-lost high school acquaintance I see the same overlapping list of Class of 77 Alumni. The latest request was different, though. This time, in addition to the high school ties there were several mutual real-life friends not connected with high school.

Some of the ties had a commonality, but others had me scratching my head. I finally gave up and sent a message to the person asking how they knew So-and-so. After some back and forth we figured out that the mutual link was a program for teenagers some of our children were active in fifteen years ago. The other common friends were business associates of hers that I knew from a retreat program Hubby Tony and I have participated in the past few years.

I guess it just goes to show it's a pretty small world.


  1. What I don't get are the people who don't know you at all, but because you are someone's friend they gotta have you on their list too. I find that so creepy!

    1. Yeah, I delete those invitation immediately.