Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nothin' But Baseball

For the past month Hubby Tony and I have been busy watching our hometown St. Louis Cardinals in the baseball playoffs...first the League Division, then the League Championship, and finally the World Series. Everything came to a halt at our house at 7:00 on Wednesday and Thursday night for the first two games.  Last night we attended a potluck/game watching party, and we'll be glued to the TV again for the rest of the games until a winner is decided.

In honor of postseason baseball, here's a funny bit with Dan St Paul as Harry Caray announcing the first baseball game.

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  1. Replies
    1. The World Series is seven games; the champions have to win four. After last night it's tied 2-2, so there will be at least two more baseball-watching nights. When the Series is over we'll have to find something else to do with our time :-)

  2. Sounds like fun! It's been football here at our house...of which I am not a fan. ha.

  3. Here it's hockey, not so much anymore cause I only watch when our team makes it into the playoffs and it's been a few years now. I don't have time for the regular season, my boys keep me in the loop though which make for some interesting dinner conversation! lol

    Have a wonderful week Kathy!

    1. Our hockey team (the Blues) usually doesn't do too well; I barely follow them.

  4. LOVE baseball......Wishing your Cards luck!....smiles