Saturday, February 23, 2013

Truly Trivial

Earlier in the week Kay at Musings (who lives in Hawaii) had a post about the University of Hawaii sports teams, the Rainbow Warriors.  Several years ago they changed their athletic logo and let each team pick its own team name.  This summer they're renaming teams again; all the men's squads will have one name and all the women's another.

I read the post, moved on to the next item in my reader, and didn't think anything about it. Tonight the information came in handy.  We were at a Trivia Night at church.  One of the categories was Team Names; the MC read the name of a school and we had to come up with the name of the team.  My table was amazed when I knew the answer to the first question...the University of Hawaii.

(Don't know what a trivia night is?  Urban Dictionary describes it this way:
A trivia night is a large group event, usually staged to benefit a charitable cause or organization.

During a trivia night, a master of ceremonies reads trivia questions split up into different categories or rounds. The questions are then answered by different groups of people in an audience. These groups, also known as "teams" or "tables," typically consist of six to 12 people who have paid an admission fee to participate. At the end of each round, a representative from each team turns in its answers to a panel of judges who then calculate the scores for each team. The teams compete against one another with the top two or three teams receiving prizes.)
Thanks, Kay!

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  1. You are so very welcome! I had such a wonderful chuckle after reading this post and had to tell my sports fan husband about it.

  2. Oh wow, who woulda' thought, what are the odds on that ever happening? So funny, and a lesson to quote to all those non-bloggers who sometimes scoff we waste too much time in here (which I do, but shhhh, lets not tell anyone..)!

    1. Yeah! Next time someone finds me in front of the computer for hours I can tell them it's educational :-)

  3. no doubt that Kay's posts are very educational! Love visiting her.