Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Challenge Completed

Last week when I realized that the date August 9, 2010 could be written numerically as 8-9-10, I asked for ideas for ways to celebrate the day.  Dawn of Dawn and Aggie suggested I go to the grocery store and find ten things priced at 89 cents. Unfortunately, I read her comment after I came home from getting my eyes dilated, and I figured it was a good idea not to go out in the car again, so I filed her interesting idea for future reference

Today, one week later, I had a bit of free time and decided to take Dawn up on her challenge at my local Aldi store.  She told me it would be hard, so I didn't know what to expect, but it ended up being surprisingly easy (taking less than 10 minutes). It helped that the vast majority of Aldi's prices end in 9, so all I had to do was look for a corresponding 8.  I found most of my ten items in the baking and snack aisle, but there were also some in the drink and side dishes area. 

After my success, I bought a package of romaine to make a salad for tonight's dinner.  Sadly, it was NOT 89 cents, but it still cost less than it would have at another store.

My items:
 1.   Baker's Corner miniature marshmallows
 2.  Baker's Corner yellow, devil's food, or white cake mixes
 3.  Lunch Buddies vanilla or chocolate pudding cups
 4.  Sweet Harvest regular or cinnamon applesauce cups
 5.  Sweet Harvest chunk or crushed pineapple
 6.  Tuscan Garden white vinegar
 7.  Mixade assorted drink mixes
 8.  Gridlock regular or low-carb energy drink
 9.  Chef's Cupboard chicken or corn bread stuffing mix
10. Reggano pasta salad kit


  1. Wow! Easier than I thought. I've never been to an Aldi but they are just about finished building one on the corner where I turn to come home. Right across from my favorite grocery - Publix!

  2. I just started going to Aldi's this year. Most things are great quality and I love the prices!

  3. I haven't shopped at Aldi's but I'm thinking I should start, especially because there is one right up the street from where I work!